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By Pieter J. Slootweg MD, DMD, PhD (auth.)

This booklet might help dentists and oral surgeons to acknowledge and diagnose gross dental abnormalities.

It offers essentially acceptable wisdom on histology and histopathology of the adjustments which are obvious in ailments of the dental and periodontal tissues.

It comprises the disturbances in the teeth formation, received dental illnesses together with caries and its sequelae for the tooth-surrounding tissues, periodontal illness and odontogenic tumours.

On most sensible of all this, consciousness can also be paid to the histological adjustments precipitated through dental treatment.

In sum, then, this paintings will turn out to be a useful spouse for dental practitioners who want to make diagnoses on all these conditions.

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Therefore, it only affects the tooth surfaces used in or shearing against each other during mastication: incisal for incisors and cuspids, occlusal for premolars and molars, and approximal (surfaces where adjacent teeth touch each other). When the enamel cap is worn away, the underlying dentin becomes exposed. 3). The dental pulp compensates for the loss of dental hard tissues by the deposition of secondary dentin. 3 Abrasion Abrasion is due to wearing away of dental hard tissue by causes other than mastication [5].

Slootweg PJ (2006) Chapter 4. Maxillofacial skeleton and teeth. ) Pathology of the head and neck. Springer, Heidelberg. pp 104–130 21. Suljak JP, Bohay RN, Wysocki GP (1998) Lateral periodontal cyst: a case report and review of the literature. J Can Dent Assoc 64:48–51 22. Waldron CA, Koh ML (1990) Central mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the jaws: report of four cases with analysis of the literature and discussion of the relationship to mucoepidermoid, sialodontogenic and glandular odontogenic cysts.

Eruption of a tooth in an aberrant position more often is due to jaw lesions lying adjacent to the developing roots than to obstacles in the eruption pathway. Description of the various jaw conditions that may interfere with tooth eruption can be found in textbooks on oral or head and neck pathology. References 1. Craddock HL, Youngson CC (2004) Eruptive tooth movement—the current state of knowledge. Br Dent J 197:385–391 2. Slootweg PJ, Huber J (1984) Dento-alveolar abnormalities in oculomandibulodyscephaly (Haller­ mann-Streiff Syndrome).

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