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3 Joining the Background Pieces As we've now got several pieces of background with a 'Background' classification, we can merge all the pieces together as a single object. Again, right-click on the last rule set in the Process Tree and select Append New, to create the third rule in the 'Create objects and remove background' parent process. In the Algorithm drop-down box, select Merge Region. In the Class Filter parameter, which launches the Edit Classification Filter box, select 'Background' – we want to merge the background objects so we can later sub-divide the remaining objects (the shapes).

These functions are also available as toolbar buttons using the Customize command. You can undo or redo the creation, modification or deletion of processes, classes, customized features and variables. However, it is not possible to undo the execution of processes or any operations relating to image object levels, such as Copy Current Level or Delete Level. In addition, if items such as classes or variables that are referenced in rule sets are deleted and then undone, only the object itself is restored, not its references.

This is the one time it is recommended that you deselect automatic naming and give the process a logical name, as you are essentially making a container for other processes. By default, the algorithm drop-down box displays Execute Child Processes. Press OK. You can then add subordinate processes by right-clicking on your newly created parent and selecting Insert Child. We recommend you keep automatic naming for these processes, as the names display information about the process. Of course, you can select child process and add further child processes that are subordinate to these.

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