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Alphonso Lingis is an unique between American philosophers. An eloquent and insightful commentator on continental philosophers, he's additionally a phenomenologist who has long past to dwell in lots of lands. harmful feelings keeps the road of inquiry all started in Abuses, taking the reader to Easter Island, Japan, Java, and Brazil as Lingis poses a brand new variety of questions and brings his remarkable descriptive talents to endure on innocence and the love of crime, the relationships of attractiveness with lust and of pleasure with violence and violation. He explores the faith of animals, the strength in benefits and in curses. whilst the sector of labor and cause breaks down, and in catastrophic occasions we capture sight of cosmic time, our nervousness is blended with pleasure and ecstasy. greater than reputation of loss of life, can philosophy comprehend pleasure in death? Haunting and brave, Lingis's writing has generated excessive curiosity and debate between gender and cultural theorists in addition to philosophers, and harmful feelings is sure to introduce his paintings to an ever broader circle of readers.

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Human infants are tedious at table, picking at their food, playing with it, distracted from it; they pick up voracity from the puppy absorbed with total Zen attentiveness at his dish. They come to feel curiosity with a white mouse poking about the papers and ballpoints on their father’s desk. Their first heavy toddling shifts into tripping with the robins hopping across the lawn. They come to feel buoyancy in the midst of the park pigeons shifting so effortlessly from ground to layers of sundrenched air.

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