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Genic microsatellite markers in plants: features and applications. D. A. (2009). Next-generation sequencing technologies and their implications for crop genetics and breeding. S. & Doebley, J. (2005). An analysis of genetic diversity across the maize genome using microsatellites. T. D. (2000). Selective mapping: a strategy for optimizing the construction of high-density linkage maps. J. & Crouch, J. (2007a). Application of population genetic theory and simulation models to efficiently pyramid multiple genes via marker-assisted selection.

Zooming in on quantitative trait for the tomato yield using interspecific introgression. ; Bohn, M. E. (1999). Comparison of selection strategies for marker-assisted backcrossing of gene. Crop Science 39(5):1295-1301, ISSN 0011183X Frisch, M. E. (2005). Selection theory for marker-assisted backcrossing. , Yamamoto, T. & Yano, M. (2010). Integration of Genomics into Rice Breeding. , Figueira, A. P. (2006). ) commercial cross, based on a maximum-likelihood approach for estimation of linkage and linkage phases.

This will include an assembly of large-scale data sets into a more comprehensive presentation by minimizing high false positive rates and validating the existing models using probability and graph theory. 2 Added complexity in scope and time management Crop development is a complex process, and molecular marker information further increases the complexity. To successfully apply molecular marker-assisted breeding, breeders have to structure their specific breeding methodologies to allow for the integration of empirical results from molecular marker analyses.

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