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By Lakhmi C. Jain, Himansu Sekhar Behera, Jyotsna Kumar Mandal, Durga Prasad Mohapatra

The contributed quantity goals to explicate and deal with the problems and demanding situations for the seamless integration of 2 middle disciplines of machine technological know-how, i.e., computational intelligence and information mining. info Mining goals on the automated discovery of underlying non-trivial wisdom from datasets via using clever research ideas. The curiosity during this study sector has skilled a substantial progress within the final years as a result of key elements: (a) wisdom hidden in agencies’ databases could be exploited to enhance strategic and managerial decision-making; (b) the massive quantity of knowledge controlled by means of enterprises makes it very unlikely to hold out a handbook research. The e-book addresses various equipment and methods of integration for reinforcing the final target of information mining. The publication is helping to disseminate the data approximately a few cutting edge, energetic examine instructions within the box of information mining, computer and computational intelligence, in addition to a few present matters and functions of similar topics.

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21 ð8Þ Interactive effects between projects are considered and similarly, the objective function E can be calculated by using Eq. (2) and the results are shown in Table 5. A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Multi-criteria Project … 21 Max E ¼ 4:903x1 x2 þ 13:065x1 x3 þ 8:729x1 x4 þ 236:186x1 x5 þ 54:194x1 x6 þ 44:792x1 x7 þ 26:316x1 x8 þ 19:427x1 x9 þ 14:775x1 x10 þ 16:338x1 x11 þ 8:674x1 x12 þ 5:902x1 x13 þ 11:092x1 x14 þ 108:212x1 x15 þ 79:24x1 x16 þ 35:618x1 x17 þ 86:748x1 x18 þ 18:428x1 x19 þ 15:287x1 x20 þ 6:244x1 x21 þ 4:83x2 x3 þ 3:226x2 x4 þ 69:208x2 x5 þ 46:56x2 x6 þ 66:624x2 x7 þ 17:021x2 x8 þ 7:915x2 x9 þ 1:901x2 x10 þ 1:903x2 x11 þ 7:258x2 x12 þ 3:388x2 x13 þ 1:048x2 x14 þ 41:311x2 x15 þ 39:946x2 x16 þ 104:826x2 x17 þ 69:881x2 x18 þ 13:257x2 x19 þ 14:777x2 x20 þ 1:378x2 x21 þ 3:769x3 x4 þ 122:593x3 x5 þ 86:349x3 x6 þ 75:135x3 x7 þ 15:925x3 x8 þ 10:831x3 x9 þ 2:474x3 x10 þ 3:433x3 x11 þ 10:751x3 x12 þ 6:744x3 x13 þ 4:372x3 x14 þ 35:503x3 x15 þ 18:634x3 x16 þ 107:735x3 x17 þ 42:267x3 x18 þ 6:281x3 x19 þ 7:827x3 x20 þ 3:781x3 x21 þ 85:721x4 x5 þ 10:076x4x6 þ 32:535x4x7 þ 22:492x4x8 þ 20:273x4x9 þ 0:548x4x10 þ 3:495x4x11 þ 7:988x4x12 þ 1:844x4x13 þ 0:887x4 x14 þ 26:992x4 x15 þ 43:002x4 x16 þ 87:233x4 x17 þ 45:475x4 x18 þ 8:301x4 x19 þ 13:255x4 x20 þ 0:483x4 x21 þ 154:803x5 x6 þ 359:76x5 x7 þ 258:72x5 x8 þ 314:114x5 x9 þ 68:849x5 x10 þ 105:471x5 x11 þ 227:731x5 x12 þ 189:702x5 x13 þ 68:809x5 x14 þ 95:295x5 x15 þ 192:041x5 x16 þ 199:68x5 x17 þ 295:958x5 x18 þ 159:925x5 x19 þ 127:888x5 x20 þ 188:341x5 x21 þ 82:724x6 x7 þ 76:018x6 x8 þ 70:124x6 x9 þ 45:593x6 x10 þ 32:582x6 x11 þ 37:715x6 x12 þ 46:183x6 x13 þ 60:667x6 x14 þ 93:416x6 x15 þ 101:514x6 x16 þ 128:518x6 x17 þ 180:45x6 x18 þ 84:343x6 x19 þ 24:542x6 x20 þ 34:91x6 x21 þ 53:721x7 x8 þ 81:018x7 x9 þ 21:762x7 x10 þ 52:319x7 x11 þ 46:167x7 x12 þ 71:673x7 x13 þ 48:934x7 x14 þ 84:368x7 x15 þ 105:718x7 x16 þ 105:908x7 x17 þ 132:011x7 x18 þ 66:048x7 x19 þ 39:029x7 x20 þ 26:83x7 x21 þ 27:463x8 x9 þ 20:114x8 x10 þ 27:031x8 x11 þ 7:056x8 x12 þ 19:541x8 x13 þ 15:681x8 x14 þ 56:299x8 x15 þ 33:561x8 x16 þ 83:056x8 x17 þ 48:924x8 x18 þ 29:913x8 x19 þ 30:081x8 x20 þ 10:881x8 x21 þ 19:138x9 x10 þ 7:349x9 x11 þ 16:215x9 x12 þ 18:449x9 x13 þ 16:088x9 x14 þ 40:42x9 x15 þ 39:421x9 x16 þ 55:554x9 x17 þ 84:316x9 x18 þ 20:282x9 x19 þ 10:16x9 x20 þ 8:382x9 x21 þ 4:767x10 x11 þ 6:423x10 x12 þ 2:747x10 x13 þ 2:396x10 x14 þ 74:524x10 x15 þ 30:285x10 x16 þ 63:639x10 x17 þ 40x10 x18 þ 11:524x10 x19 þ 16:032x10 x20 þ 0:614x10 x21 þ 3:424x11 x12 þ 5:361x11 x13 þ 4:12x11 x14 þ 92:832x11 x15 þ 42:248x11 x16 þ 58:217x11 x17 þ 66:904x11 x18 þ 8:694x11 x19 þ 19:191x11 x20 þ 1:811x11 x21 þ 5:044x12 x13 þ 5:754x12 x14 þ 56:819x12 x15 þ 51:236x12 x16 þ 82:815x12 x17 þ 102:756x12 x18 þ 15:775x12 x19 þ 6:257x12 x20 þ 5:006 x12 x21 þ 2:396x13 x14 þ 82:091x13 x15 þ 26:34x13 x16 þ 32:084x13 x17 þ 57:824x13 x18 þ 3:147x13 x19 þ 6:491x13 x20 þ 1:538x13 x21 þ 47:353x14 x15 þ 38:82x14 x16 þ 47:668x14 x17 þ 51:363x14 x18 þ 7:777x14 x19 þ 4:873x14 x20 þ 1:008x14 x21 þ 164:093x15 x16 þ 72:823x15 x17 þ 110:862x15 x18 þ 58:655x15 x19 þ 70:592x15 x20 þ 87:087x15 x21 þ 48:454x16 x17 þ 118:582x16 x18 þ 34:189x16 x19 þ 32:387x16 x20 þ 42:488x16 x21 þ 67:528x17 x18 þ 127:681x17 x19 þ 31:519x17 x20 þ 94:544x17 x21 þ 62:721x18 x19 s:t: þ 88:175x18 x20 þ 84:621x18 x21 þ 12:494x19 x20 þ 10:962x19 x21 þ 8:101x20 x21 X21 x ¼ 11 i¼1 n xn ¼ f0; 1g; n ¼ 1; 2; .

0 assertion contains a packet of security information. 0 is used in this Verification Model because it provides VM for authentication and authorization as follows: 34 P. Bhuyan et al. Fig. 4 Message token authorization in verification model for choreography • Step 1: It allows a user to authenticate once against a server that helps in validating the identity of choreographed messages. • Step 2: Once authenticated the server will issue an authentication to the user.

7 Concluding Remarks In this study, a novel approach based on Genetic Algorithm has been proposed to solve the problem of multi-criteria project selection that will improve the performance of analogy based software cost estimation. It formulates a multi-criteria A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Multi-criteria Project … 23 project selection problem with and without interactive effects between projects based on criteria which are determined by the decision makers. Detailed examples have also been illustrated that describe the effectiveness of the GA-based optimization method to enhance the process of Software Cost Estimation.

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