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In the following paragraphs we will describe the approaches used for securing transactions at each level. g. is, PCT) had reached their expiration date without being renewed or adopted and will therefore not be covered in the presentation. Securing Web Transactions Using External Applications Web transactions can be secured using specialised applications run on behalf of the server or the browser. Under this approach HTTP is used as a transport mechanism for transferring data that is then processed by the external application to provide services such as authentication and confidentiality.

J. Wiley & Sons, 1996. [MKS95) P. Metzger, P. Karn, and W. Simpson. The ESP DES-CBC transform. Request for Comments (Proposed Standard) RFC 1829, Internet Engineering Task Force, August 1995. [MS95) P. Metzger and W. Simpson. IP authentication using keyed MD5. Request for Comments (Proposed Standard) RFC 1828, Internet Engineering Task Force, August 1995. [Pfl96] Charles Pfleeger. Security in Computing. Prentice-Hall, 1996. [RS97) E. Rescorla and A. Schiffman. The secure hypertext transfer protocol.

Because most users have no way to change labels associated with resources, they cannot change who has access to a given resource, even if they control the contents of the resource itself. Discretionary Access Control (DAC): DAC manages access to resources according to the identity of the user attempting the access. The OS compares the authenticated identity of the requester to the list of authorised users in the Access Control List (ACL) and allows or denies access accordingly. In DAC, each resource's ACL may be modified by the owner of the resource, regardless of who the owner is.

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