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2 Little weight can be put on similarities between the epistk and the speech and k t t s of James in Acts xv, s i n e the historical accuracy of .. ' I n tk 4 kf. p. 24; C s dw e n mmr i n G m L the epl* m in Jm Ins. 126 'Jam. inn 10 #dm- of 0"gcn'm Comnmrmy om Rmums, iv. 8. (me Comm. m R a . esuc. ,". rr gi- by Mayor, pp. I d . ) In his Comrntory m Mntthn. x. 17,on Matt. xsii. mmlnr m m m n t on Jsmrs the hmlhn. tly as the Comm in Matt. I$ erv iain1y quite c1ar a. to the iulhor'; l&"tiry. It is not n c m s v y here to d i m s r h m l v i m h i p d Jams to Jrauq which n ex-& Jrmrnc.

The idea is eivcn classic expre;sion in Phto's Theocrms, t k adviathat . we ought to try to e s r p e horn earth to the dwUing of the gods as quickly as we &;and to e s u p is to bemnilike God, so far as this is poasibk; and to b e e m like God is to become righteous and holy and ndari(176a: d Republic. 501b. 613a; Lomr, 7 1 6 k ) . ' Epictctua quotes Zeno, the founder of Stoicim, as saying that T o follow the gods is man's end' (Dircarrres, ii. 14. 11-13), as daes his fellow-Stoic Seneca (DePlmnilmtia, i.

G.. Mayor, Hort and Chaine). However, the address cannot be misfanorily explained as simply an empirical definition. Although its Dispersion was an a n a d fact for the Jewish nation. c.. ten of those tribes were thought to be effectively 'lola' (d. Ass. Moa iv. ; 2 Bar. i. 2; in Ant. xi. 133 Josephusexplains that tben are two tribes 17 THE EPISTLE OF JAMES il in Europe and Asia subject to the Romans, and ten tribes beyond the Euphntes, 'countless myriads'. w h a s number cannot be ascertained), and their reconstitution had become a hope for the future, the new age (so Is.

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