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By Alessandra Celletti (Author), Ettore Perozzi (Author)

The purpose of this ebook is to illustrate to a much broader viewers, in addition to to a extra expert viewers, the numerous attention-grabbing elements of contemporary celestial mechanics. It units out to do that with no using arithmetic. After giving the reader the technical instruments wanted for a easy figuring out of the underlying actual phenomena (using in simple terms ordinary mathematics), evidence and figures are supplied on ancient occasions, smooth discoveries and destiny functions. Contents are divided into significant themes the place the 3 "souls" of contemporary celestial mechanics (dynamical platforms, sunlight approach and stellar platforms, spaceflight dynamics) play a massive position.

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In other words, we have found a periodic orbit with a period of twice the time spent between the occurrence of the two mirror configurations. MAPPING CHAOS The dynamical behaviour of an integrable system, such as the two-body problem, can be predicted with high accuracy once the mathematical solution of its equations of motion is determined. Conversely, chaotic behaviour is typical of non-integrable systems and becomes increasingly dominant as the complexity of the system grows. The three-body problem is not integrable, and thus we can expect that sooner or later chaos will arise.

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