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"Captain Capitalism - most sensible Shelf" is the 1st in a "best of" sequence compiling and categorizing the easiest literary items of Aaron Clarey's web publication, "Captain Capitalism." Why spend the time sifting via over 4,000 posts whilst the easiest were with ease amassed for you the following?

"Top Shelf" contains favorites corresponding to "My Bondage A-Go-Go lady Story," "She didn't Get Hit via A Truck," "Sex factors financial development" and masses extra. "Top Shelf" additionally provides to be a way more wonderful, enjoyable and profitable approach that you can find out about economics than your previous Econ one hundred and one category. So pour your self a martini, remove darkness from a cigar and luxuriate in the "Super impressive fiscal Genius" inside of.

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She was getting her masters in economics The next hour of conversation was tantilizing and insanely intelligent. We talked about econometric modeling. We talked about efficient frontier theory. We talked about Miller-Modigliani. And then she talked about her specialty, behavioral economics. I love it when chicks talk dirty to me. And thinking that the night could not get better, it did. Her friends showed up. All of them finance majors and all of them just as capable of holding intelligent conversation which lasted the next hour.

This is why you will never see the NAACP or Jesse Jackson even admit to an improvement in race relations. This is why schools will always be underfunded and will cry bloody murder and child abuse if you just hold their budgets steady. This is why the environment will forever be on the apocalyptic verge of destruction even if we ban the automobile. This is why you can have a women’s studies professor claim she is 100% independent while in reality she is the trophy wife of the public sector. This is why you have Arriana Huffington and Mark Dayton inheriting their money going on political crusades to make themselves feel better.

So let me introduce a little reality into the situation. For the most part, I believe most women subscribe to the theory that "ONE" person did this to you, and therefore scarred you for the rest of your life, because it's simple. The human brain (male or female) is more prone to select the simpler theory because it takes too much effort to accept and rationalize complex ones. This is not a criticism of women, because men are just as susceptible to believe in a "simple" theory than a complex one.

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