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P. 368). "I do not call him a brahmana because he is born of a womb or sprung from a brahmana mother. He is merely a "dear addresser," if his is with impediments. He who is free from impediments, free from clinging, him I call a brahmana' (DhP. 396) . "He who i s not wrothful, but is dutiful, virtuous, not moistened with craving, controls and bears his final body, him I call a brahmana" (DhP. 400). The ethical argument attacks' the privileged position that the brahmins desired to maintain in the religious sphere.

It was not by birth that one becomes a merchant, soldier or king, but by actions that one performs or the job one does" (Ibid) . The four castes (it was laid down by tradition) were created by the god. As such, people born into a caste should perform whatever work assigned to that caste by the creator. The Buddhist theory, rejecting the idea of a creator god, accepts the fact that society evolved itself from simple beginnings. The aptitude and functions that a particular caste specialised, arose due to the conventional practice that the caste was engaged in.

Here one finds how twin-roles are formulated with duties to be performed by both parties involved in a twin-role relationship. Parents and children, husband and wife, and master and servant perform these twin-roles. One cannot conceive one set of rules separately without taking the other set to complement it. For exan ;:>le, we cannot talk of parents' role without talking about the role of children. This dyadic relation�hip on the twin-role possesses not only a set of duties, but also a set of privileges and responsibilities.

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