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By Lamberton Robert D., Rotroff Susan I.

In addition to the Little Owl or glaux, so frequently obvious accompanying the goddess Athena, many different birds performed an incredible position in Greek artwork and symbolism. This book describes the ways that the Greeks considered birds, from helpful hawks and chicken to unique parakeets and peacocks. many of the birds generally depicted are imaginary, from the griffin to the phallos poultry, whose head and neck consisted of an erect penis. The booklet ends with a box advisor to species prone to be obvious on a trip to the Agora archaeological park at the present time.

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D. , London (Collins) 1974 (recently published in Greek translation, with supplementary range maps, by A. , and A . Singer, The Larousse Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe, New York (Larousse) 1970 (rev. 1978) No up-to-date study of the avifauna of Greece exists in English, but a wealth of information on birds and bird-lore in ancient Greece will be found in J. Pollard, Birds in Greek Lqe and Myth, London (Tharnes and Hudson) 1977. , G R - r d 76 Athens, Greece.

The Olivaceous Warblers and Spotted Flycatchers arrive in late April and early May with the passage migrants. As elsewhere, spring migration is a time of exciting birding in the Agora, when one has the best chance of seeing a Hoopoe o r a rare warbler. Migrating Alpine Swifts regularly visit the Akropolis about May I , and a few summer there, occasionally venturing out over the Agora. After this flurry of activity, however, the summer months are relatively uneventful, and by the latter part of June the bird population of the park has become rather impoverished, both in numbers and in variety.

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