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For pilot training. instruments and controls usually found flight as the pilot uses and other sees through the windows. The views of airports handling of the controls. FLOATPLANE. A seaplane that has a pair of long floats or pontoons mounted below the fuselage or wings for operation from water. See also SEAPLANE. FLYER. See WRIGHT FLYER. FLYING BEDSTEAD. The name given to the first Vertical Take-off and Land(VTOL) aircraft. Made by Rolls Royce, the plane did indeed look like a ing four-poster bed.

Then, on May 6, 1937, the luxurious hydrogen-filled dirigible Hindenburg caught fire and exploded over Lakehurst, New Jersey, just as it was completing a voyage from Germany. Afterward, most dirigibles used helium, a safer gas than hydrogen. See also AIRSHIP. DIVE BOMBER. A kind of fighter-bomber aircraft that appeared in the 1920s. The pilot of a dive bomber locates the enemy target and dives almost vertically. bombs and late at it At a predetermined height the pilot releases the aircraft's pulls out of the high-speed dive.

A total of 325 B-36s was built in a series that ended with the B-36HS. The last B-36 was retired in 1958. (Wingspan, 230 feet [70 m]; length, its time. ) CONVAIR B-58 HUSTLER. The first supersonic B-58 flew at Mach 2, twice the speed a few ways. The wing was delta-shaped, vair of jet bomber sound. The that is, in (1956), the Con- aircraft was unique in the shape of a large trian- The needle-pointed fuselage was so narrow that there was no room for bomb bay. Therefore, a special pod was attached below to carry the weapons, such as bombs or missiles.

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