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There are those who look down on the Courtless for being unwilling to recognize and fulfill their own desires, claiming that if they did so they would surely belong to the Antler Crown. But most honor the right of those who choose to remain outside the court system to follow the beat of their own drummer, while still looking for opportunities to tempt them into fulfilling the call of Desire, even if they do not formally join the Spring family. Other Travelers in the Verdant Garden Desire makes for strange bedfellows and interesting journeys, and the verdant path of the Spring Court has taken its members into places that few others dare to tread – places where their paths cross with those few look forward to meeting.

The allOgre entourage is rumored to have rebelled, however, when Dame Lily attempted to force them all to wear her signature scent while on duty. Clavigers gain little prestige from their title alone, although some develop an exceptionally strong Mantle, especially when their skill is honed through true dedication to the art of their martial skill. • Sylvan Emissary: In freeholds where the Spring Court’s presence is strong and well organized, the Antler Crown may send out ambassadors to other courts, freeholds or even to other supernatural groups.

Drawback: Every time after the first that this Clause is attempted on the same target gives a –1 cumulative penalty to the roll. Thus the second time the Clause is attempted on any given target (whether the first attempt was successful or not) the roll is made at a –1 penalty; the third attempt is –2, and so on. Attempts on other targets do not affect each other. These penalties do not decrease over time. Roll Result Dramatic Failure: The character’s passion comes across as self-centered narcissism.

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