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By Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Travis Stout, Chuck Wendig

"A Chronicle booklet, a big variety of antagonists for any chronicl. increased info at the precise Fae who rule in Arcadia or were banished to the mortal international"

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The concern is, not every changeling so carefully maintains that relationship. Alternately, some cultivate it just fine, but an ensorcelled mortal isn’t automatically an ally to the whole freehold. What’s mentioned above about mortal antagonists is, a little knowledge can be a big danger. Ensorcellment, in some cases, takes that to the next step. Now a human knows who the changelings are. He knows of what they’re capable. Sure, he’s likely to be getting something out of the bargain, but humans the world around have thrown away perfectly good careers and relationships because of outof-control emotions.

Background: Rose Gonzalez, from Tupelo, Mississippi — hence the name, Tupelo Rosie — is a self-made woman. A sculptress with a keen eye and hand for bringing the unlikeliest images from within inert materials, she came to Miami to make her way among a burgeoning artists’ community. For a time, she lived out of her car and on the streets. But, over time, she made something of herself, and was for a while the toast of the town, a true artist with a love for the art and a disdain for the money it could bring in.

Privateers may be the same; their “letters of marque” 34 Chapter One: Rivals are a badge of security to them, giving the True Fae reason to let the privateers run free. These changelings are the most likely to refuse to give any mercy or quarter to their enemies, and yet, paradoxically, if they can be reached, they are the most likely to turn traitor against their masters. After all, when one’s master is a fickle, inscrutable Prince of Arcadia, one’s personal safety and continued liberty are far from guaranteed.

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