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By Chatia Orlandi, Saverio Sani

Questo testo sacro, il cui titolo in sanscrito vuol dire Veda delle formule magiche, è los angeles ‘bibbia’ dell’antica religione indiana. Si tratta precisamente della quarta raccolta di inni dei Veda dedicata alle formule magiche ed esorcistiche recitate dai bramini durante l’esecuzione dei riti domestici. Utet oggi los angeles propone in edizione digitale critica, completa del testo originale consultabile ipertestualmente.

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N a ra sim h a The first glimmer of light, the dawn of a new age, is heralded by Visnu as Narasirnha. 47 Narasimha is half-man and half-lion, a dangerous hybrid inhabiting the juncture between night and day. The circumstances that prom pted Visnu to incarnate himself at this time and in this form centre on the story of the demon Hiranyakasipu. As recounted in the H arivam sa and several Purana-s, Hiranyakasipu was born of Diti and the sage Kasyapa. 48 As a consequence, Brahma granted him a special boon: im m unity from death at the hands of gods, demigods, men, demons, and serpents.

The Badami cave was excavated und er the patronage of Mangalesa Calukya and dedicated in c e 578. Inside the cave, on the left side of the veranda, Visnu is show n on Sesa. Somewhat unusually, the god is depicted in a seated position rather than lying dow n. On the wall immediately flanking Visnu is an image of Varaha (Figure 24). 72 The significance of this timing is show n by popular Vaisnava calendars listing key festival days. A lthough the "w aking day" changes each year against the Gregorian system, __ 44 (®MD __ 7 j A rchaeology a n d P olitics of T ime at U d a y a g ir i 24 Badami (District Bagalkot, Karnataka).

A p p lic a tio n to U d a y a g iri Even though the core features of this astronom y are unproblem atic, the ques­ tion before us is w hether they can be applied to Udayagiri in a m eaningful 19 The A rch aeology of H indu Ritual Table 1. July-Aug) Uhadrapada (Aug-Sept) Asvina (Scpt-Oct) Karttika (Oct-Nov) MargasTrsa (Nov-Dcc) Pausa (Dcc-Jan) Magha (Jan-Fcb) Phalgunn (Feb-Mar) Solar Event: Vernal equinox Summer solsticc Daksinaynnn begins Autumnal equinox Winter solsticc Uttarayana begins Udayagiri.

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