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By L. M. Barkovskii, G. N. Borzdov (auth.), A. Priou, A. Sihvola, S. Tretyakov, A. Vinogradov (eds.)

Recent advances in our figuring out of advanced composite media, in particular chiral media for microwave functions, recommend the feasibility of constructing novel fabrics with strange homes and the potential of developing new microwave units utilizing such fabrics. The emphasis of the publication is on bi-anisotropic fabrics, whose best function is the magnetoelectric interplay of the fields. The fabrics are anticipated to provide worthy purposes in radar know-how, aerospace, microwave engineering, production know-how, etc., similar to absorbers for low-reflectivity shields, reciprocal section shifters, polarization transformers. the 1st experiments with synthetic bi-anisotropic media were effectively carried out.

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Analysis ofthe,eigenwave behavior near the optical axis was given in [6]. In the case of absorbing optically active crystals the expressions for eigenwave ellipticities are very cumbersome and cannot be present here. If the wave propagates in the direction at an appreciable angle to the optical axes than the eigenwaves may by considered as orthogonal, the principle of superposition for eigenwave ellipticities is valid, and the cumbersome formulae reduce to (see [6]): (7) where k is the ellipticity originating from optical activity and s is the ellipticity which is due to absorption in crystal.

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