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By Myles Brand, Douglas Walton

Lawsuits of the Winnipeg convention on Human motion, held at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sept. 11 may perhaps 1975

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Analytical Philosophy of Action, pp. " (Blue Book, Harper, p. ) The moral here extends beyond images to anything which is given the role of a selfapplying pattern. But, whatever the method of projection, a pattern is inert. A representation requires a representer whose intentions give it its status as representation. The representations Danto speaks of are presumably not meant to be images, but they playa role suspiciously like that of Wittgenstein's mental samples. The mind Danto describes seems no more than a sequence of pictures or duplicates of states of affairs in the world.

133) which Danto thinks runs deep, deep into mental as well as bodily potencies and impotencies. The importance of socialized or convention-generated action is more fully recognized by Goldman, who, in his Theory of Human Action, has basic actions raised to higher levels by conventional as well as causal generation. But the level-generation apparatus is not applied to mental acts, which, like Danto's 'gestures', are mentioned only to be put aside. Goldman treats cases where some overt action, like hiding or fishing, is given its distinctive feature by the wish, belief or aim of the agent, as cases of 'simple' generation, and he emphasizes that wanting and believing are not mental acts.

What is noteworthy about this account is that the calling up of an image is treated as an intentional activity. Not that having images is always intentional - in dreams images come to the mind unbidden, and these are passions of the soul precisely because the soul's desires are not what activates the image-construction activity. The intention to represent is what distinguishes the active from the passive imaginings. The soul's primary activity is willing. Representing, imagining, thinking about, withholding assent, are the things it can will to do.

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