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By L. C. Tyler

Inventor of the Sorensen-Birtwistle Revised Scale of Girl-Rage, Chris has a gorgeous female friend (Virginia), likeable capability parents-in-law (Hugh and Daphne) and a vintage activities motor vehicle with a leather-covered equipment stick.

Impending matrimony and the car's leaking roof appear to be the single clouds at the horizon. yet his it seems that cozy international is became the other way up whilst Hugh dies abruptly and Daphne (after one Irish Cream too many) finds a few surprising details. in the meantime ...In an hotel, within the Danube Valley, within the 17th century, a undeniable cantankerous thinker turns out to have a few phrases of steering for our modern day hero. We subscribe to Virginia and Chris (and Rene) as they search to discover the reality approximately Hugh, themselves and the which means of lifestyles.

"A Very chronic Illusion" is a hilarious, highly artistic and thought-provoking novel approximately love, insanity and fact. 'Compelling and smart, i actually couldn't placed it down. A deceptively gentle learn. I laughed out loud' - Alison Joseph, writer of the "Sister Agnes Mysteries".

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