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6. A theme I have explored further in “How the Cold War Froze the History of World War Two,” the Liddell Hart Lecture for 2005 (Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King’s College, London). 7. Cf. Alice M. and Howard S. Hoffman, Archives of Memory: A Soldier Recalls World War II (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1990), chapter 1. 8. For some reflections on methodology, see the essay on “Culture, Discourse, and Policy: Reflections on the New International History,” in David Reynolds, From World War to Cold War: Churchill, Roosevelt, and the International History of the 1940s (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), chapter 18.

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Since 1955, of course, a vast amount more has been written about Roosevelt’s war. During the 1960s the official archives were opening up, though many early scholars followed the patterns and issues framed by this first decade of historiography—revisiting isolationism, unconditional surrender, or Yalta. But the so-called New Left approach to American diplomatic history offered a different way of looking at the whole story, and an early example of its application to the Roosevelt era was Lloyd Gardner’s Economic Aspects of New Deal Diplomacy.

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